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Software development

The VITCAKE company carries out software development of any level of complexity for the solution of tasks of any profile. The standard algorithm of interaction between the developer and the client looks as follows

Software development starts with IT consulting

  1. After receiving a request for software development, our experts do the primary assessment of the project including approximate terms of creation of product.
  2. If the Client accepted the sounded conditions, the parties sign the contract for modeling project documentation, then business analysts connect to the process of IT consulting. The task of specialists at this stage is a scrupulous investigation of  customers requirements and their relation to the real need for the implementation of  different functions. IT consulting also includes miscalculation of possible risks and the elaboration of optimal solutions. The result of business analysts work is technical specification (complete project documentation), which will allow to make an exact assessment of a product and will help to define exact terms of software development:
  • If the exact cost estimation satisfied customer and doesn’t extended beyond his budget for application development, we sign a contract, and software development is entering active phase;
  • If the budget is not enough, we suggest either reduce demand or to break the system into several functional parts and to develop them gradually (at first we start the system with a basic system functionality, then we make gradual completion according to earlier sounded requirements);
  • If the assessment is fully gone beyond the client’s budget, in his hands will be full requirements specification, with which he can always turn to us again, and then the development of software will be released in an active phase.

Software development process is divided into the following components

  1. Design  –  designer creates the whole look of the application on the basis of graphic layouts which are available in the specifications. All layouts are previously worked by usability specialists and business analyst.
  2. Front – End Development (HTML coding)  – process of cutting design models and creating patterns of HTML-pages.
  3. Programming – main phase, which includes a comprehensive software development. Not only programmers work over this stage, other professionals, such as architects of databases also can participate in the work process.
  4. Testing – procedure of searching errors with purpose of their subsequent removal.

Certain items are:

  • Support – after a software development stage, you will certainly need to make certain improvements in connection with the expansion of your business, areas of your activity. Our clients are always in a priority position, therefore, all necessary changes will be made in the shortest period of time.
  • The work of the project manager who manages whole procedure of software development and brings to each link all customer requests and comments.  Project manager is always on the customer’s side and examines each of his requests.

It is necessary to tell some words and about such phenomenon as software development by the principle of agile methodologies. This technique is used at desire of the Client to receive a product in extremely short time, or at completion or updating already existing projects. In this case, all the technical documentation is reduced to the minimum and the emphasis is on direct and constant communication with the clients. In turn, the estimation of performed work is made following their implementation. Choice of methodology of software development depends on many factors. We are ready to adjust to the demands of our customers and to combine different methodologies to achieve the best result.

Web development

Our services run deep and are backed by over five years of experience.

Creating a website – it is the mastery of new information technologies, plus fresh creative ideas that will allow your Internet resource apart from the competition, attract the attention of visitors, make your site a truly individual and effective. We adhere to the optimal timing and flexible pricing policy. We develop websites of any complexity: from the website to the information portal and online store. Creating a site for us – it is primarily the development of the site that will attract your visitors at the expense of the competent and friendly design.

Website development includes a content management system that will allow you to make changes to your site without the involvement of foreign programmers. Therefore, the creation of sites with non-profit management system Joomla, WordPress or Magento! further reduces the cost of maintenance.

Design, layout and site settings
– It’s only the main directions of our activity.

We efficiently make low-cost site to an individual or company.

IT Outsourcing

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

  If You and Your collective are annoyed by endless problems with servers and workstations of Your computer network, chronically untimely conked office equipment, deceitfully ended cartridge for Your printer, and You do not have competent IT specialist in Your team or Your IT department costs too much, it is right time to turn attention on companies providing IT Outsourcing services.

What is Outsourcing?

   Outsourcing is attraction of third-party service company for a solution of the specified tasks which are non-core for Your business, but are inalienable part of Your business organization. By IT Outsourcing we mean IT system’s exploitation tasks solutions and maintenance by our company specialists.

Reduction in expenditure.

    Outsourcing agreement of IT system maintenance allows to save money of Your company, because You do not need to hold the state of employee, provide  them with work place, social package and pay payroll tax. You get at disposal the whole state of miscellaneous professionals, whose skills varies from repair of computers and local network integration till development and implementation of corporative information systems based on modern products and solutions.

What is the profit? Failure-free work of Your office is the main goal of our IT Outsourcing. Proper activity of Your IT system: server, computers, office equipment, communicating and CCTV surveillance systems etc., is achieved by professional monitoring of system work in whole and particularly, and also by performing of essential and up to date works. In case of failure, time needed for it elimination is reduced till 2-4 hours, because we provide similar technical solutions if necessary and are making it totally for free. Complex lead-up. Incontestable benefit for Your company is our complex lead-up, which involves:

  • Supply, repair and upgrade of computer technique, office equipment and components.
  • Professional installation and administration of servers and workstations.
  • Learning Your employees how to work with computer, office equipment and office programs.
  • Supply of licensed software.
  • Installation and upgrade of wired and wireless computer and telephone networks.
  • Designing, installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems.
  • Experts participation in designing and realization of IT infrastructure in Your projects.

Why we?

    Because our goal is not the trading of equipment and service with maximum profit for us, but our goal is research and realization of high-quality and maximum profitable solution for our clients.


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